Our Commitment

“POLNAC, client satisfaction, wide availability and on time delivery”

Our extensive line of materials, our commitment to improving service every day and maintaining excellent prices, have allowed us to be leaders in the market. We are always ready for new challenges. We have an ISO 9001: 2008 Quality System, certified by AENOR. The use of the standard ensures that our customers consistently obtain high quality products and services.

Quality politics

At Polimeros Nacionales S.A. of C.V. we design, manufacture, commercialize and distribute plastic resins and color concentrates, with the commitment to satisfy the requirements of our customers through a quality system based on ISO 9001 and a process of continuous improvement, in absolute respect to the environment.


Provide our customers with solutions that meet their quality, price and service requirements for the manufacture of their products, achieving through this activity to meet the professional, economic and development expectations demanded by society, shareholders, staff and suppliers.


To be a global company recognized by its clients for offering the best cost-benefit option of all the plastic resins and color concentrates needed for the manufacture of their products.



Respect the resources of the company, the property of others, the environment, legislation, regulations, own dignity and others.


Defend the interests, values, principles and policies of the company, with respect and love for our company’s name.


Give the maximum of our intellectual capacity, technique and experience to the company, as well as to our collaborators, with obligation and discipline in the fulfillment of the established objectives.


Anticipate with all possible means such as experience, attitude and creativity, to solve difficulties and achieve the goals to be overcome in the short and medium term.


Respect and accomplish the decisions, plans, norms and projects for progressive team purposes.


Always show and have problem-oriented behavior, keeping in mind the interests of customers, company, suppliers and employees.


Participate synergistically in the working group with integration, knowledge, enthusiasm, trust and experience to achieve the objectives of the company.


Work and think constantly about improving ability, education and attitude, through commitment.


Give and recognize the satisfactors that stimulate the well-being of Polimeros Nacionales’ collaborators for their personal and organizational development.