We have an operational and logistical infrastructure that allows us to offer our customers deliveries in time and form.

POLNAC is strategically located in Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia, Houston Tx. U.S.A. and in Amsterdam, Netherlands Europe to supply the whole world, in addition to 4 production plants located in Mexico City, San Luis Potosí, Coatzacoalcos and Houston Tx. U.S.A.

We have a modern storage and transport equipment, directed by an efficient logistics system, which allows us to deliver the orders in a timely manner.

In all our branches we maintain an extensive materials inventory and highly qualified personnel to advise you to find the resins and compounds suitable for your Rotomolding process.

With the purpose of guaranteeing the operational efficiency and the profitability in our operating costs, we have the necessary infrastructure and a modern transport equipment; as well as personnel trained to provide good management and security of the merchandise of our clients; making the products reach their destination on time.